In addition to helping plan your loved one’s burial or cremation, the Anton Brown team can help organise flowers as part of the funeral arrangements.   

A funeral is a meaningful celebration and commemoration of someone’s life, and a beautiful flower arrangement atop the coffin or within the church or chapel is often regarding a touching tribute to the deceased.  

Personalise your service with a range of coffin and funeral arrangements, including: 

  • Casket sprays, 
  • Single flowers or small wreaths, and 
  • Donations in lieu of flowers 

Talk to the Brisbane funeral directors at Anton Brown Funerals about the range of options we have available 


Coffin Flower Arrangements

If your loved one adored a certain flower or colour, why not incorporate it into a special floral tribute in their funeral.  

We can customise a casket spray, wreath or floral arrangements in several ways, including specifying: 

Types of flowers



Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements

Casket Spray

A casket spray is placed upon the lid of the coffin during the service. These are available in your favourite fresh flowers in your special colours, or available in Australian Natives.

Please make a note on the pre-arrangement form as to your special colours or flower types.

Single Flower or Small Wreath

If you do not want a large arrangement of flowers you can elect for a single rose, or a smaller wreath for placing on the coffin.

Flowers are a personal choice you can make to personalise your funeral arrangements.


These days many people are selecting the option of donations to charity instead of flowers.

This wish can be shown in the newspaper notice informing people of the funeral, for example “Donations in Lieu of flowers to the Queensland Cancer Fund would be appreciated.”

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Flower Arrangements Gallery

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a funeral director organise the flower arrangements?

Here at Anton Brown Funerals we are more than happy to organise your flower arrangements as part of your funeral service. 

How much do flower arrangements for funerals cost?

The cost of flower arrangements depends on size, the floral arrangements desired and seasonal considerations (such as how easy they are to source at that time of year) 

Please note that Anton Brown does not markup or inflate the cost of flowers from external suppliers that we book on your behalf 

For more frequently asked questions, click here.  

Did your loved one adore a particular flower or colour? We can help you incorporate that into their funeral floral arrangements as a special nod to their memory. Discuss your options with our funeral directors today.