Death is a fact of life and yet the fear and dread that surrounds one’s passing is such that most people do not want to think of it.

As a result, when one does pass away, many people are totally unprepared for the important decisions and arrangements that need to be made.

It is wise to choose your Funeral Director in advance. Such a selection is not morbid, in fact it is very wise. When a death occurs there is little time for comparisons and selecting a Funeral Director you are and your family are comfortable with. Pre-planning helps prevent hasty decisions being made that may be regretted later.

Once you have chosen your Funeral Director you can take the next step and pre-plan your funeral service. This is simply the recording of your wishes and other necessary information ahead of the time it is required. There is information required for the registration of a person’s death with the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages that may be difficult to recall at a time when a family coming to terms with their loss. You can also record the type of service you would like and where you would like it held.

Understandably, this takes a great load off grieving family and friends, and gives them the opportunity to mourn without the additional stress of arranging the funeral


We have produced a Pre-Planning Guide and a Planning Ahead Booklet that is available to assist you in recording your funeral wishes.

Our new Planning Ahead Booklet has been written by our Funeral Directors in an easy to read format with no “industry jargon”.

Subjects covered include:

  • All about Anton Brown Funerals
  • Why you should choose a 100% Queensland owned company
  • What to do when someone dies
  • What to expect when making funeral arrangements
  • Funeral Celebrants and their role in your service
  • What to expect on the day of the funeral
  • Pre-Planning a funeral for yourself or a family member

When you combine our comprehensive Planning Ahead Book with our Pre-Planning Guide it is like you have one of our Funeral Directors by your side helping answer all the important questions.

You can download a copy of our comprehensive pre-planning guides by clicking on the links in the menu on the right hand side of the page.
If you would to talk to one of our staff about your requirements then please feel free to contact us at our Aspley or Woolloongabba office.

If you are interested in putting money aside to pay for your future funeral expenses then we suggest considering a funeral bond with the Sureplan Friendly Society.

A Funeral Bond is a safe, simple and effective way to put funds aside that grow in a secure and tax effective environment to help meet the expences of a funeral. Funeral bonds also have significant advantages for means tested Centrelink and Department of Veterans’ Affairs pensioners.

Sureplan is a specialist provider of funeral funds and is dedicated to relieving loved ones of financial stress when someone passes on. Sureplan is one of the few funeral fund providers which will pay within 24 hours of receiving advice of death.

Why Choose Anton Brown Funerals

Since 1995

At Anton Brown funerals, we have been specialising in delivering dignified and personalised services for our clients for 25+ years.

100% Queensland Family Owned

Anton Brown Funerals was formed by Anton himself and his wife Sally. We are proud to be a 100% Queensland Family Owned company.

Personalised Service & Support

We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we go above and beyond to cater to your needs and requests as best we can.


The compassionate team at Anton Brown Funeral offer professional, honest and a dignified services every time.

To find out more about Sureplan and what they offer please contact one of our offices and we will be glad to discuss your requirements with you.