How do you make funeral arrangements?

Simply Call Anton Brown Funerals to advise of your loved one’s passing and we will make a time to either come to a convenient location for family or at our office. Our funeral directors will go through the process and arrange what you require.

How soon after Death can you have a funeral?

It should be as soon as the Medical Cause of Death Certificate is issued. (Death Certificate application is lodged day of service and arrives within a week after funeral)

What day of the Week?

Funerals can take place any day of the week.

Difference between Coffin and Casket?


  • Are widest at the shoulder
  • Taper at the head and foot ends
  • Have a fully removable lid

A coffin is widest at the shoulders and tapers towards the head and toe ends. Coffins generally have a removable lid which is fastened with thumbscrews. They are usually made out of paper veneered MDF or solid timber.


  • Are rectangular shape
  • Have a hinged lid
  • Usually have more refined features, materials and designs

Caskets are generally a rectangular shape with a domed full or half lid which is hinged to allow the lid to open from the front. Caskets are generally made by trade qualified craftsmen and have more refined and elegant features than coffins. Each casket can take up to 20 hours to manufacture. Caskets are mostly made from the highest quality solid timbers or metals.

What if someone dies at home?

You call your Doctor, get a life extinct certificate, then call your Funeral Director.

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What if someone dies in hospital?

Deceased goes to mortuary then the Cause of Death Certificate is issued. You then call the Funeral Director.

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What Info do you need about deceased?

Name, Age, Dr, Date of death, date of Birth, Location, Next of kin- Initially. Get further info during arrangement.

Who pays if there is no money?

Next of kin is to apply at Local Court House for a Government Assisted Funeral.

Is a cremation cheaper than a burial?

Cremations are Cheaper than Burials due to gravesites being expensive.

Do you have clothes on when you are cremated?

Yes, you can wear clothes when you are cremated.