Our team members handle every cremation and service with compassion and dignity.  

When you pick Anton Brown Funerals to lay your loved one to rest, you can be assured they are in the hands of a family-oriented and caring Queensland company.  

We endeavour to add personal touches to every service, and ensure it is a memorable celebration and commemoration of the person who has died.  

We offer a range of different options for Cremations Brisbane, with the basic services outlined below, including: 

  • Chapel Service and Cremation, 
  • Church Service and Cremation, and 
  • Non-attended Cremation 

There are many Cemeteries and Crematoriums in and around the Brisbane Area, and we can arrange a cremation funeral service in many of these. 

For further help or to begin planning a cremationspeak to one of experienced Brisbane funeral directors today.  

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Cremation Services Explained

Chapel Service and Cremation

This is a service that is held in one of the many Crematorium Chapels in Brisbane.

These can be either a religious service with a Priest or a non-religious service using a Funeral Celebrant. You may even have a member of the family or a friend conduct the service.

These services are normally around 30 minutes long, although if you need a longer time for the service a double booking can be made. The cremation then occurs after everyone has left the chapel.

Many of the crematoriums have a condolence lounge so that family and friends can gather for a coffee and chat after the service.

Church Service and Cremation

If you desire a religious funeral service, then you may have a service in your church, or a church in your area. This would be conducted by the Parish Priest.

On completion of the funeral service at the church, the hearse would then leave for the crematorium.

It is usual these days for the family not to follow the hearse to the Crematorium but to stay at the church with family and friends for refreshments or go home.

Non-Attended Cremation

Some families do not want a full funeral service, so we offer a non-attended cremation service.

After talking with the family and completing the necessary paperwork, we take the deceased person to the crematorium.

Many families then hold a memorial service when they place the ashes at their final resting place.

Why Choose Anton Brown Funerals

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At Anton Brown funerals, we have been specialising in delivering dignified and personalised services for our clients for 25+ years.

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Anton Brown Funerals was formed by Anton himself and his wife Sally. We are proud to be a 100% Queensland Family Owned company.

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We understand that everyone’s situation is different, and we go above and beyond to cater to your needs and requests as best we can.


The compassionate team at Anton Brown Funeral offer professional, honest and a dignified services every time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after a funeral is the body cremated?

Cremations will take place almost immediately after the service.

Is a cremation cheaper than a burial?

Cremations are cheaper than burials, as gravesites can be expensive.

If you or your loved one has decided on a cremation Brisbane, Anton Brown Funerals can help with all the necessary arrangements to suit your personal preferences and needs. Learn more by clicking here.